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Pressure Washing Makes Important Visual Impact

As the summer comes to an end, don’t let the dirty walls or driveways stop you from making your business or home look its best. Get your home ready for the holidays. Weather and year-round wear starts to show in driveways, on siding and brick and along patios and decks. If your surroundings seem more dull than usual, we have a solution!

Pressure washing (or power washing) is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home or business. Pressure washing will boost a property’s appearance and it’s eco-friendly as well. Here are HBS, we specialize in complete exterior building maintenance and restoration.

How does pressure washing work?

A pressure washer typically operates with an electric motor which sprays water at varying levels to clean various exterior surfaces. The nozzle on the hose allows pressure adjustment and easy turn off. These nozzles can be sensitive; so be sure to test a small spot before just spaying away. Some pressure washer models also have the option to add detergent in case you need the extra soap to remove tough stains.

Use the right pressure! Some DIY kits are simply too powerful for cleaning home surfaces. If the pressure is too strong, you risk etching brick or concrete, destroying paint, and even damaging windows and screens. At HBS, we are familiar with the pressure adjustments for the various types of surfaces on your home.

What areas of your home can be pressure washed?

There are many areas of your home that can be washed with power pressure. Many hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, vinyl siding, hard wood, stone and more can be pressure washed. We recommend doing a small test on painted surfaces to see if they can be pressure washed without stripping the paint.

Use the right pressure washing and cleaning solution! To HBS, this is the most important part of the pressure washing process. You’ll want to be sure the cleaning solution you use in the pressure washer does more than just “bleach” your home. Bleaching is not the same as cleaning!

How can pressure-washing help maintain a property?

Since pressure washing uses high-powered water to clean, it can really give your home or business a noticeable facelift. This process removes dust and yard debris to reveal a fresh, clean look. Pressure washing is also a great solution for cleaning driveways and sidewalks, which collect leaks and marks from cars, bikes and foot traffic, alike.

When you use the right equipment and cleaning solutions, you will be able to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your property without the need for ladders. You keep your home clean for longer periods of time. When you use the right cleaner, you can remove mold and build up and prevent it from returning

Think of pressure washing as cleaning a property’s exterior, which makes it a first step for improving curb appeal. If this is a task you don’t want to undertake, HBS can improve the outside of your building and the grounds by pressure washing away dirt, grime, debris, moss & algae with our industrial grade pressure washers – hot water or cold water.

Stay safe while pressure washing

Keep your belongings and yourself safe while pressure washing. If you are renting equipment or own a power washer, please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended PSI levels for each project. While pressure washing may seem no different than cleaning with a regular hose, some key safety concerns need to be kept in mind. Because the water is at such high pressure, it not only poses a direct contact harm but it also will send dislodged materials at high speed that can cause an eye safety issue. Consider not only safety glasses but also water resistant clothing and closed-toe shoes. Also, never point the spray nozzle towards someone to prevent an accidental discharge.

If you truly want to pressure wash your whole house or office building, you will need to be able to reach the uppermost areas of your property. Many people think they should use a ladder to get to the top of the home and other hard to reach areas. This is dangerous. Holding a pressure washer and balancing yourself on a ladder is not impossible, but we do not recommend it. That’s why the proper pressure washing equipment is essential. The safest way to pressure wash hard to reach areas is with a far-reaching hose and nozzle. If you choose to take the do-it-yourself approach to pressure washing your home or office building…please be safe!

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